How to Host the Perfect Pool Party at Home


When the weather is warm and you can feel your sweat dripping down your back, you know it’s probably time for your nth shower of the day. But if you’re looking to take advantage of an annoying situation, you can always beat the heat with a pool party!

Even if it’s not quite the summer season yet, no one can resist an afternoon by the poolside or splashing away with family and friends until the day grows cooler in the evening. Also, having a party in your residential swimming pool is less expensive than going on a trip to Utah or California.

But to make sure everyone is going to have a blast in your pool party, here are some essentials you need to remember:

Don’t forget to invite guests

What’s a pool party without our friends, family, or loved ones? Pool parties are the easiest to host because everyone of all ages can’t resist a pool. Make sure to inform your guests ahead of time and tell them what to expect. If you’re throwing a pool party for grown-ups only, make sure to e-mail or message all the moms or parents invited to your guest list. A playful tone to your invitation like “I’ll bring the wine if you don’t bring your kids!” will be enough to tell them it’s a pool party not meant for the kiddies.

If you’re planning for a pool party for all ages, make sure to remind them to bring swimwear and pool inflatables for everyone.

Think ahead

A good host of any party will be sure to think of their guests’ needs before everyone else does. For pool parties, it’s always worth the extra mile to prepare things your guests may have overlooked while packing.

Stack clean towels near the pool in case your guests forgot to bring one. The poolside must have umbrellas for shade, and be ready to provide sunscreen so everyone can avoid bad sunburns. As a rule of thumb, schedule your pool party to begin at three in the afternoon, so it’s not scorching hot outside.

If you want to go all out, you might want to provide your guests with disposable cameras they can use to take photos of the party. This can be especially fun if it’s a pool party for teenagers or adults.

Don’t overdo the foodFood for pool party

Since it’s a pool party, you should expect your guests to be swimming in the pool the majority of the time or relaxing by the poolside. You shouldn’t cook sit-down meals. It’s better to set up a table with finger food like chips, sandwiches, and cheese platters, so your guests can eat whenever they want. If your party will last until evening, prep a barbecue dinner to feed your hungry guests.

Pool parties are fun to go to and even to arrange because of how easy-breezy everything is. All you need is a bit of preparation, fun, exciting party ideas, and of course, a swimming pool at home.

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