How Much Should Florida Homeowners Spend on Water-Damaged Ceilings?


Homeowners in Florida should expect to spend at least $125 on minor repairs for water-damaged ceilings such as cracks, holes and leaks. Extensive repairs may cost up to $2,200 depending on the contractor’s rate and other factors.

Your location also serves as another factor for determining the overall cost of reversing water damage. In West Palm Beach, the actual cost may fall within the typical average of $323 to $1,048. Roofing contractors or water-damage specialists could charge from $60 to $90 per hour for the service. You could buy the required materials for replacement or ask the professional to include the price to the overall quote.

Fixing Water Damage

When choosing among different experts for water damage repairs, it is better to ask from at least three different contractors. This is easy given that water damage is among the most common problems for ceilings. If you have a drywall ceiling, a replacement may be necessary to solve the problem. It should not cost more than $1,200 for major repairs if the damage has not reached the foundation and walls.

Estimate the price of repairs in ceiling replacement. It makes sense to replace a part of the ceiling or all of it when repairs cost more than 50% of a new installation. One way to estimate the cost of repairs is to measure the area. You could spend at least $45 per square foot for fixing a leaky ceiling, including the cost of labor and materials.

Take note that solving the cause of the leak will entail a different process, which is an additional expense. For instance, a busted pipe will incur expenses worth between $350 and $2,000, while fixing leaks from the roof will cost at least $350.

Checking for Leaks

Man checking water damaged roof

Roofings leak because of different reasons. If you notice dripping water when it rains, it is likely that your roof has a hole or crack. The same thing could occur during winter, as leaks could indicate an ice dam along the roof’s edges. Homes with two or more stories could also pinpoint the source of leaks to a plumbing problem, if clear water is dripping constantly.

However, discoloration could happen when the problem has been left unchecked for some time. A sagging drywall could also mean that there could be standing water behind the ceiling. In this case, only a plumber or roofing professional can distinguish the real problem.

The cost of repairing leaks in certain parts of the house, like in the bathroom or garage, will also vary due to the use of different materials. A drywall ceiling repair will need fire-rated drywall, while bathrooms usually require waterproof materials.

You should not ignore water damage at home as soon as you notice it in your home, as the structural safety of your property is at risk. Contact a professional who specializes in water damage repairs and mold remediation. This will not only keep your home in good condition, but also prevent your insurance premiums from increasing through the roof.

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