Home Improvements to Leave Your Home Move-In Ready


Homes don’t reflect permanency. It is evident in how the average American moves 11.3 times throughout their lifetime. The number itself can be influenced by age, but older people are as likely to find new homes if their current ones don’t suit them or their households any longer.

Those of us who are currently dealing with this situation have plenty to prepare for in the coming months. One kind of preparation is selling our old homes, a process that may take a while, depending on the circumstances. A question that is often asked is, is it better to improve upon the current condition of our properties or sell them as they are?

Retained versus Fixed

When answering the previous questions, one must first consider the quality of the home they wish to sell. Does it have electrical or plumbing problems? Are there holes in the walls or ceilings? Has the house itself been used to the point that it’s about to give in on itself?

If the answer is yes, homeowners should note that this isn’t a house that can be fixed easily and should be left as is. The property will then be considered a “fixer-upper.” All isn’t lost, given how buyers are shopping for fixer-uppers, looking to make them their next DIY project.

If the answer is no and the house is still in good condition, the answer ultimately lies on our budget. However, we should note that making improvements to have our homes move-in ready can help sell our homes better. That is because a lot of buyers prefer the convenience over the lengthy personalization that renovations may cost them. We can make minor improvements to achieve this state.

Minor Renovations

When it comes to making improvements, we must not rush into things headfirst and fix everything wrong with the property if there are a few of them. Instead, we have to look into certain key aspects that will add value to our homes.


Every house has two main selling points, one of which is the kitchen. Improving upon the state of our kitchens don’t need to be costly. It only has to be smart. An economical way of going about the remodeling is replacing the fixtures. It includes the sink and faucet as well as the cabinet and drawer handles. As for the cabinet and drawers themselves, painting instead of buying new ones can save us more money.

Aside from the fixtures, we also need to take stock of all appliances. While we don’t need to upgrade them, we can bring them to appliance repair service centers in Salt Lake City or other areas. They may not be new when they come back, but at least they’ll be functional.

Curb Appeal

classic home at sunset

Every home, regardless of aesthetic or size, is first judged based on its exterior appearance. This characteristic of every home is referred to as the curb appeal, which some homeowners tend to neglect.

One improvement we can make to boost our homes’ curb appeal has to do with the exterior paint. If it’s still in good condition, albeit a bit dirty and lackluster, power washing will do the trick. However, if it’s been left to chip after so many years, we need to invest in having it painted by professionals or ourselves.

The landscape follows after the house walls. Similar to the paint, we can opt to have professional landscapers fix our front lawns. Their work often involves leaving it manicured and adorned with flowers and shrubbery — both of which can catch the eye of even the most critical of buyers.

With these factors, we can improve the property that we plan to sell and entice potential house hunters with.

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