Hey There, Home: Giving Your Living Room a Paint Makeover


If you feel like your living room has seen better days, a new paint job may be all you need for that breath of fresh air. It’s an easy, relatively inexpensive way to see some changes in this area of your home. In addition, it is appealing to potential buyers to have a fresh coat of paint. That’s whether you are planning to put your property out on the market soon or in the future.

If your goal is to appeal to more buyers in Sudbury, go for neutral colors that complement the other parts of the house like the windows. In addition, don’t forget to apply primer before painting. Also, do a simple test by painting a small, unnoticeable area of your home first before deciding on how you want to complete your project. However, this is just the beginning. Find out what you need to know about selecting the right paint color through this article below.

Make an Inventory of Colors

Make a list of all the dominant colors of your living room furniture, wall art, accessories, flooring, and trimming. Unless you’re planning to replace any of these soon, your chosen paint color should complement the existing shades of your current décor.

Work with Neighboring Spaces

Your chosen paint can be the element that will make your overall interior design look cohesive. Therefore, before making your final choice of colors, think about how it will look alongside your current interiors. All the colors should complement each other and work in harmony. This idea works perfectly for open concept spaces, but when you have more traditional rooms, consider the effects of this color when transitioning.

Decide on a Theme

Think about the kind of vibe and atmosphere that you want your living room to have and come up with a theme around it. For example, if you want that elegant, richly decorated room, go for deep red or brown to achieve that look. The color should go well with your long sofa, carpet, windows, or curtains. However, if you prefer a light and airy vibe inside your living room, deep colors aren’t the right match for you. Deep colors can give your room a solemn feel. If you want your theme to be more specific, let’s say nautical, shades of blue, gray, and white might work.

Consider the Size of Your Room

Couple painting wall

If you have a compact living room, going for bold colors will only make your space seem smaller. If you have a larger room, you’ll have more options since these are a bit more flexible. You may experiment with two or more unifying colors if you have enough space. If you really want that brown or deep magenta but don’t have enough floor space, painting an accent wall will give your room some extra dimension.

Once you’ve considered all the different aspects of your available space, look through some photo galleries online for inspiration as they’re usually set up according to color scheme. Pinterest is an excellent way to start. Create a board for every room and start pinning a few photos that you find interesting. After ten pins, you’ll get an idea of what shade and style catch your eye.

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