How to Help Kids Avoid Sports Injuries


Every kid has wanted to play sports at some point or another. Some of them end up playing in high school, while others continue into college. No matter what level the kids are at, they frequently get hurt when playing sports. Injuries can be detrimental and even cause a person to stop playing that sport altogether.

This article will discuss how you can help your child avoid sports injuries to enjoy their time playing their chosen sport.

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1. Talk to Your Kids About Sports Injuries

If your child is going out for a team sport, you need to sit down with them and talk about injuries before they start practicing and during the early phases of the season.

The idea behind this conversation is not just to tell them about what might happen but also to inform the child that it is not the end of the world if they do get injured.

You want your children to know how common injuries are and that they can seek help from a doctor immediately if something does happen.

2. Make Sure They Warm Up Before Exercising

This applies to any sport, not just ones where there’s a high risk of getting hurt. Injuries can occur because the muscles have been pushed too far without enough time to warm up first.

If you feel your kids aren’t warming up before exercising or playing sports, take the time to sit down with them and go over why this is important.

Going through some gentle stretches will allow their muscles to get used to the motions they are about to go through, making them less likely to get hurt.

3. Make Sure Their Equipment Fits Properly

If your child is playing a sport where they will be wearing equipment, make sure it fits appropriately before having them hit the field or court.

For example, if your child plays football and their helmet isn’t fitted correctly, it won’t protect them when they take hits to the head. This can lead to severe injuries that may end up causing them long-term problems.

While buying equipment for your kids can be costly at times, doing so ensures that your children are wearing what was explicitly designed for them to minimize the risk of getting while playing sports.

4. Monitor What They Eat

When athletes get injured frequently competing at an elite level, one of the things their nutritionist will look at is the athlete’s eating habits. If your child is playing sports without eating correctly before or after, they can’t perform well, thus putting themselves in dangerous situations when competing.

Before you let your kids go out and play sports, take some time to talk about healthy eating habits that they should follow while playing, such as drinking lots of water and eating a meal five hours beforehand.

5. Use Heat and Ice on Injuries

Whether your child gets hurt during one of their games or practices, make sure you apply heat and ice on whatever part of their body hurts. This not only has to do with sports but can help overall.

If you see that your child’s face hurts, for example, applying an ice pack to it will help reduce any swelling and pain they might be feeling. Ensure to consult a doctor if you notice that the pain is severe.

Also, consult your dentist to make sure everything is ok with their mouth. Sometimes injuries can cause tooth misalignment, and a splint orthodontic myofunctional appliance can correct this.

6. Make Sure They Get Enough Restful Sleep

Letting your children play sports all day may not be a good idea since it doesn’t allow them to have a proper amount of rest at night.

Be sure that kids get the eight hours of sleep every night that their body needs, as this will allow them to be more attentive and ready to play.

If you find your kids staying up past midnight playing on the Xbox or watching television, make sure they make time for sleep. This can help them play sports better and reduce the risk of injuries overall.

In addition to those tips, discuss concussions with your kids and what to do if they sustain one during a game or practice.

Final Thoughts

While many children play sports without experiencing injuries, some do get hurt frequently. If you notice your kids getting hurt while playing sports, consider these six tips on how you can help prevent future injuries from occurring.

If they do get hurt, make sure you apply heat and ice to the injury to reduce any swelling or pain that may be experienced. As a parent, it is essential to prevent injuries from happening as much as possible.

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