Healthy Ways for You to Mentally Cope With Your Chronic Pain


Pain is the body’s way of telling us that there’s something wrong with our bodies. For example, if your stomach hurts, it could be because you ate something bad or you got hit there. If your back hurts, a possible cause would be sitting for too long. Many of us would think that it’s a bad experience, but there are people who have what’s called chronic pain, where they feel it for long periods of time. If you’re one who has it, you can help yourself cope by doing these actions.

Relieve Stress

Your pain may not go away that easily, if ever, but you can make it hurt less. Stress is one thing that can aggravate it, making the muscles tense and causing you more aches. So if you work to get reduce it, such as when you go to a relaxing massage spa for a treatment, the pain will also somewhat subside. You can also do other activities that can relieve your stress, such as yoga, meditation, taking deep breaths, listening to music, taking a leisurely walk, and observing nature.

Accept the Situation

Part of properly coping with pain is accepting the situation as it is. While it’s reasonable to think that taking your mind off your condition is helpful, it’s not the same as denying it. Denying your pain is basically pushing yourself to do things “normally” as if it’s not there, and possibly making it worse. Acceptance is admitting that it exists and adjusting your normal routine to accommodate it. At the same time, it’s not making your pain the focus, but rather how you can overcome the challenge it presents.

chronic pain

Express and Enjoy Yourself

A great way to get your mind off your pain is to enjoy doing other activities. It also helps to engage in something that you’ll be able to express yourself with. Are you up for reading or writing a good story? Then go and do it. Maybe you can use your experience as inspiration. If you’re a little on the private side, you can start writing a journal instead. Of course, if you’re inclined towards the arts, then you can also start projects such as paintings or drawings. Music is an option for you too. Just make sure that you can do these activities in the first place.

Find Something Good to Think About

When your mind is overwhelmed by pain, it may seem easier for you to focus on the negative. But all that will do is make your condition worse than it already is. You’ll become stressed, and your body will feel more of the pain and also find it harder to recover. Instead of that, you might want to focus on the good things that come your way. They can be as simple as finding flowers that you haven’t seen before or having your favorite food for your meal. An attitude of gratitude can make you realize that there is more for you to look forward to than just pain.

Chronic pain can be challenging to live with, but it’s possible. It can even be better than not having any form of ache at all if you think about it. What you can do now is to accept the situation and help your body feel better by putting your mindset towards the positive and healthy.

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