Happy Home Life: The Joy of Living in Small, Cosy Spaces


Today, people are starting to re-evaluate the great Australian dream of owning a big house and a spacious garden. With real estate prices continuing to rise, Australians are making do with smaller homes and maximising the available space.

Living in a small home may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but given the high cost of housing, living in a more modest dwelling can tip the expense of a good work-life balance to your advantage. If you’re in the process of setting up your studio apartment or you’re looking to fall in love with somewhere that doesn’t require huge amount maintenance, read on to learn why small homes can be the best homes.

Cheaper to decorate

When you have a four-bedroom house, you need to fill it with furniture. Although you may be excited about choosing new décor to suit your style, you can quickly pay out hundreds of dollars’ worth to make the house look comfortable, warm and inviting. If you want professional advice, the average rate of hiring an interior designer is around $100/hr.

Small homes make decorating simpler and more affordable. Rather than purchasing many items of expensive furniture to fill space, you use fewer pieces more efficiently.

A cosy environment

You might think the word ‘cosy’ is a polite way of saying ‘cramped’ but living in a small space has real advantages. When you don’t have a large area to fill and manage, it’s easier to focus on turning your home into a warm and comfortable environment. To optimise the space, you can also install internal cavity sliding doors to replace the traditional hinged doors. They not only free up room, but they also provide ease of access.

Small and inexpensive decor pieces such as scented candles, throw pillows and plush rugs will have a bigger impact on the overall ambience than they would in a bigger space. This makes it simpler for you to create the vibe you’re after, in your style.


There’s less room for unnecessary items to hoard away when you’re living in a tiny space, helping you refrain from buying stuff you don’t need. Things that are no longer useful will also stand out more, making it easier for you to throw away clutter, organise your belongings and surround yourself only with things you find valuable or useful. Plus, when you’re not continually looking for the household items, it makes everyday living much more efficient and frees up money to spend on leisure activities.

Easier to clean

multiple cleaners

The bigger the space, the longer and more challenging it takes to organise, tidy up and deep clean. In a small home, you’ll be able to spruce your place up reasonably quickly instead of it being a major time-consuming operation. This is also why small homes are perfect for those who enjoy cleanliness and order. You don’t have to invest a tonne of time and energy into maintaining safe and clean living conditions.

Choosing to live in a smaller home isn’t just a smart financial decision. Living in one can also improve your quality of life as fewer costs, less maintenance and less cleaning means you have more time to focus on yourself, your loved ones and your passions.

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