Fight the Urge to Use Sundays for Work


What are you sacrificing when you work overtime? You might be earning a little extra because of the additional pay, and you can get promoted sooner, but how is your relationship? Where does your family fall on your list of priorities when most of your time is spent in the office?

You already work enough. Don’t neglect your family on Sundays.

Celebrate Special Occasions

Birthdays, anniversaries, and even random days when everyone is at home call for a celebration. Granted, not all of them will require that you throw a big bash, but for the critical milestones, such as your wedding anniversary, don’t hesitate to call an event coordinator in Utah to fix up something beautiful for you and your partner. These milestones will not be regained once you’ve missed them. Your daughter will only turn 16 once; you will only celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary once. Your eldest son will only graduate from college once. It’s bad enough if you don’t celebrate these; it’s even worse if you forgot about them altogether. Remember, this neglect of your family might lead to divorce and falling out. Do you want to go there?

Put Your Phone Down


Special days require special arrangements. When you’re just home on a regular Sunday, you have an opportunity to turn an ordinary day into something memorable. This, however, will not happen if you’re glued to your phone screen, as most people often are these days. You’ll never notice your partner’s new haircut or your child learning a new skill if you’re more interested in the likes on your latest Instagram post. You’re missing quality bonding time if you’re answering emails instead of joining the family while playing games. Even chores get the family together, and they’ll feel less tiresome if everyone is having fun. You can afford to give your family one day of undivided attention. Your emails can wait–your entire work can wait. Rest assured, you will not lose your job if you don’t work when you’re not paid to do so. It is not enough reason for a promotion that you answer your emails within a minute.

Ask About Everyone’s Day

When you’re busy with work, it can’t be helped that you want to vent. Things might be hard at the office and you feel it taking a toll on you. Taking this stress home takes time away from your family because you’re not in the mood to listen to everyone’s day. Keep it up and you’ll find the distance between you, your spouse, and your children growing deeper. There will come a day that you cannot bridge that distance anymore, and that will be a sad day. If you notice everyone retreating to their own little spaces as soon as mealtimes are over, take action. A simple question about everyone’s day will show them that you care. If you care about everyone at the office enough to shoulder their tasks, you can care about your own family too.

The importance of Sundays cannot be emphasized enough. How you use this rest day says a lot about your priorities.

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