Do You Need to Get a New HVAC System?


According to the United States’ Residential Energy Consumption Survey, the majority of homes have an HVAC system, with older homes using window-type air conditioning as opposed to central air in newer properties. While it’s supposed to help you beat the heat whenever hotter seasons hit and temperatures generally rise globally, a lot of issues could crop up if you have a system that needs repair or even replacement. Here are some telltale signs it is time to bid to think about making the call for that new AC installation.

Temperatures are not equal throughout the house.

If the temperature throughout your home is uneven, that is a big sign that either your cooling system is wrong for the layout of your indoors or it is not performing as well. It would be wise to have it checked for any damage and to see whether you have the right type of unit to cater to your space. It could also be attributed to your furnace or heating system, so it’s wise to make sure that those two things are working hand-in-hand and adequately.

Your indoors are like an oven.

If it’s too hot inside even when you’ve got the AC on, it’s a red flag that your unit is sputtering out, and it may be time to get a new one. Check your thermostat to see the temperatures you are yielding. See if the problem is with maintenance in your ventilation and ductwork. It could even be your air conditioner that is starting to give way in terms of performance or capability.

It makes a lot of noise.

man covering his ears

Air conditioners should not be making a lot of noise, even when they have been running continuously. If you hear a lot of ruckus from your machine, it could be a sign of a multitude of issues. You could be hearing broken components inside, loose bits, defects in the electrical circuit and thermostat, or even a bad case of a refrigerant leak. These not only impede the cooling of your home but can also cause hazards to your health.

Your utility bills are unusually high.

If you notice that you have to pay more every month in your utilities despite the same usage habits, it can indicate that your system is working harder than it has to, generating and consuming more energy. Several reasons could lead to this, like built-up grime, long-standing damage, and bad installations. You can try to monitor your consumption habits, but a spike in your bills should be a cause for an HVAC check so that you’ll know if you’re in need or repair, tune-up, or replacement.

It’s more than a decade old.

All machines have a lifespan of usability, and even if your air conditioner is taken care of and maintained well, you are going to need to replace it eventually. Over time, its parts degrade, and you’ll find that it is no longer as energy-efficient as you would like.

If any of these apply to you, it may be time to start looking into replacements for your HVAC. At the very least, consult a professional and see if a repair is still ideal.

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