Choosing Invisalign in Sheffield


Getting started

Once a patient has decided with their dental team to begin a journey of tooth realignment many options open up of what orthodontic method to follow. Aspects to the treatments such as the length of time it takes, the physical appearance of the brace or aligner and the overall effectiveness of the treatment are always considered. Once you and your dental team have narrowed down the options a consultation will be booked so as to ascertain whether this particular treatment will be the most effective, both in terms of realignment and with the ability to fit into your daily life.

During the initial consultation for Invisalign in Sheffield a series of photos, X-rays and in some cases, moulds will be taken of your dental work. This combined with a physical examination will enable the dental team to provide you with a 3D image of the plan and finished results. Whilst this may seem rather fancy it is vital in showing the patient what the end result could be like should they follow the plan laid out before them. Visualising the end result is a powerful tool as it creates a visible aim, a goal to work to.

Receiving the aligners

aligners concept

Upon receiving the custom made aligners which have been created from the scans and photographs, the patient will be instructed to wear them for approximately 22 hours a day. The idea is to remove them only during times of eating so as to avoid unnecessary debris getting stuck in them and to remove them during your oral hygiene cleaning routine. By wearing the aligners consistently for the majority of each day it enables them to guide the teeth into a new position gradually, creating minimal discomfort for the patient. If the treatment caused severe discomfort then no one would stick with it, which is why this process is carried out in a gradual and controlled way.

After approximately 2 weeks of wearing the first set of aligners you will be instructed to change to the next set. These time frames may vary as it all depends on the individual case. Once again this new set of aligners will get to work guiding the teeth further into the desired position. Within approximately 6 to 8 weeks you will be expected to revisit the dental practice so that your progress can be checked and any questions or problems can be answered and solved. Depending on the development of the tooth realignment you may be given the next series of aligners, which are once again to be worn for approximately 2 weeks before changing to the following set. This particular orthodontic method gradually realigns the teeth by pushing them into a new position within a short period of time and therefore suits those who are wanting a briefer treatment.

Once the teeth are realigned to their desired places, a final set of retainers will be provided. Similar to the previous aligners, these are clear and removable, but are to be worn going forward so as to maintain the new alignment position.

Please note, all dental treatments and procedures carry a variety of potential risks. It is therefore encouraged that all patients research each one mentioned in this article in further detail and seek advice from their local dental team.

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