Celebrations Don’t Stop When You Grow up


Children’s parties are fun. Your venue is filled with excited kids all ready to have a good time. Sure, it will be messy, but with the big smiles on everyone’s faces, you’ll go home feeling fulfilled and with new memories to treasure. However, as you grow older, the charm of birthday parties diminish. You might not want to celebrate each time that a year is added to your age, especially once you’ve passed your thirties.

Should you stop celebrating birthdays altogether?

Celebrating Yourself

There should be no age limit to you celebrating yourself. Actually, this might even be more important now that you’re an adult and shouldering responsibilities. When you were a child, all you had to do was sit around and wait for your parents to plan everything for you. Now, you have to look for your event photographers, venue, and even cake decorator. All of this requires hard work, and you’ll probably also have to pay for them yourself. It’s only right that you appreciate yourself for getting this far in life and be thankful that you have a chance to celebrate with your family and friends.

Reconnecting with Peers

No man is an island. However, because of how busy you are with work, you might not be as close to your friends as you used to. You still hang out and chat, but you might not know what’s going on with their lives outside of the posts they have on social media. This can lead to tension and unwanted competition, both of which can be avoided if you set aside time to catch up and show them they’re still an important part of your life. Them showing up to your party is their way of showing you’re an important part of theirs. Use the event as a way to get together in the same room and ask important questions. Start with your life so that they will feel comfortable sharing theirs too.

Giving Yourself a Break

Well deserved break

You don’t need to celebrate your birthday with a party every year. However, you can celebrate the day as something special, and treat yourself to nice things. You can also go easy on yourself during this day. Your celebration can be in the form of taking a leave from work to do things you don’t get a chance to anymore. You can also treat yourself to an indulgent meal. Buy your own cake if you want to. Give yourself gifts. There’s nothing wrong with spending on things that make you happy, especially on such a special day. If you treat your birthday like a normal day, you will not have that much-needed break that can stop an impending burnout. This day is like a personal holiday, something that cuts through the stressful work days you always have.

Your birthday changes its meaning every year you’re older. However, you shouldn’t stop celebrating just because you’re not in the mood for kiddie parties anymore. Your special day should still be celebrated in the best way that makes you happy.

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