3 Sentimental Jewelry Pieces That Are Better Than Out-of-the-Box Versions


Pretty much everything can be customized nowadays; from simple forms of personalization like name stamping and special colorway options, anything can be tailor-made these days. Below are three of our favorite bespoke items and the most special ones you can ever make for that special person in your life.

Wedding Rings

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding rings, look no more and make your own design. Your wedding rings are the most important jewelry your future intended will ever wear.

Make it even more special by designing custom wedding bands for yourself and her, with a matching bespoke engagement ring that suit her taste.

You can also design your wedding ring to match her set, to achieve a classy his and hers matching style. Customizing allows you to create something that is truly special and a style that reflects your future ride’s style and taste.

It also makes it possible to have the rings made with your choice of metal and pick your own diamond shape and color to create a one of a kind design that speaks volumes about your dedication to giving her the best wedding present she will ever receive before and after your wedding day.

wedding ring set

Eternity Rings

Another great bespoke jewelry to give as a gift for anniversaries is an eternity ring. There are plenty of ways to customize an eternity ring; from the size of the size and design of the band, the size and colors of the stones, as well as the way the stones are arranged around the band — all these can be made according to your preference and personal design.

As a celebratory gift, bespoke eternity rings become so much more meaningful simply because of the amount of work that the giver has put into designing it and having it made. It’s a symbol of beauty and exclusivity; a piece of jewelry that bears both sentimental value and physical value.

These rings can also be worn stacked, (some wear up to three of these rings, depending on the thickness of the band), making it the perfect gift to celebrate anniversaries, life milestones — pretty much for any special occasion that is best hallmarked with a piece of jewelry.

Wire Bangle with Charms

And last but not least, some precious and stylish arm candy. Nothing beats the amount of sentimental value that a charm bangle can contain. Charm bangles are at the time capsule in the world of gems and jewelry.

Everything about this bangle can be customized — from the charms, the materials, and the sizing. If the bangle is intended for a child, it is possible to have an adjustable bangle customized, so that she can wear it comfortably well into the adult years.

So if you’re looking to give something meaningful and represents each of those special and memorable life moments all in one piece, this piece is your best bet.

So if you’re currently looking for what to give your future bride, your spouse, or that special family member to celebrate a special occasion, you can never go wrong with bespoke jewelry — it’s the perfect material gift that represents the labor of love and all the thought that was put into assembling the special piece. Bespoke jewelry is a real work of love and a real work of art.

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