Why You Should Ditch Your High Heels for Some Comfortable Shoes


Wearing heels is a great way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Most women who want to feel feminine and professional often wear heels so that they can feel good about themselves. But wearing them too often could potentially affect their body. As someone who wears high heels too often, you should know the problems it can cause you.

Some people say that a person must go through pain for them to feel good and look beautiful. Hence, for women who love wearing high heels, comfort only comes second when it comes to style. A pair of high heels are a staple accessory for most fashion-conscious women across the globe. But wearing those heels for a long time every day can cause a few health risks, which are detrimental to their health.


Extensive use of high heels can alter your body’s natural position. Wearing them for a long time every day can strain your back and overexert your toes. When you wear high heels, you put your body in an unnatural posture. The uneven distribution of weight causes inflammation, soreness, and pain in your lower back.


Most high heels usually have a specific design that makes them look extremely fashionable. But wearing them for a couple of hours can cause you to have foot pain. You can experience a sharp pain in your sole, heel, as well as your toes.

Bones and Joints

leg pain because of heels

Since wearing heels places your body in an abnormal posture, it generates infliction to both your bones and joints. It is not healthy for a person to stand on their toes for a long time. That is why wearing high heels affect the natural position of bones in the body. Moreover, it also strains the joints and causes the bone to deform. Experts say that high heels could even cause osteoarthritis and premature aging of the person’s knees.


Wearing high heels for a long time does not just affect your bones; it also strains your muscles. High heels tend to put unnecessary pressure on your heels, toes, and tendons, thus altering the healthy balance of weight in your body. Wearing this type of shoes also affect the Achilles tendon that connects your ankle to your calf. Wearing those heels regularly and for a long time can harden and shorten the Achilles tendon, which can cause you to feel pain.

The idea of going to an on-site shoe truck to trade your heels for the latest styles of boots sound great. However, for most women, it is hard to do away with their beloved high heels. Heels, for them, are the perfect footwear if they want to look presentable for specific occasions.

Therefore, if you are one of those people who find it difficult to part ways with their shoes, then it is best to just reduce the time you wear your high heels. You can wear them during formal events. But when it is time for walking or more strenuous activities, you should wear some flats instead of wearing your high heels.

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