What Kind of Pests Can You Get This Time of Year?


Pests are a year-round nuisance that doesn’t let up, no matter what season it may be. However, each particular critter still has its preferred times of the year to show up unwanted in the home. Knowing when to expect which pest can help you prevent them from infesting your space and can guide you with methods of controlling any unwanted appearances should they occur.

Here are the uninvited guests to look out for by their preferred season of infestation:


Pest control services in Salt Lake City have noted that people often forget about pest management in the water and are greeted with unwanted appearances of rodents and raccoons. That is because while it is a hibernation period for insects and animals alike, these creatures are looking for shelter and warm places to stay during the cold season.

As people prep their homes for their own comfort, they also end up making it an inviting space for other warm-blooded species. Check your baseboards, set up your bait, and make sure your home is free from clutter and trash. This season will also likely see some spiders in the dark corners of your home that don’t often see activity, especially if they are insulated well. Be wary of any points of entry and stocked clothing.


In the spring, all of those pests in hibernation will spring back to activity, pun intended. A host of insects will start to come out at this time, but perhaps the most popular and generally hated one to come alive at this time are cockroaches. Expect these creepy crawlers to start foraging for food to eat and continuing their mating cycle.

Even though it is naturally the time they get back into action, don’t rest easy if you see a roach moving about your house in the middle of the day. Their habits still naturally gear toward nighttime activity. So if you see one randomly strolling about or inexplicably turning up dead out of nowhere, chances are you’ve got more where that came from.


The summer is when all the insects start to get into high gear, and you should expect to see more ants, mosquitoes, and termites. That is usually the phase where they reach their adult stages and start procreating and multiplying in numbers. Keeping this manageable takes some insect control since they thrive during this time, whether it’s a dry or wet summer.


termite on a wood

Rodents and the like also tend to start going into homes this time in preparation for the winter. However, the ones to look out for are spiders and bugs that are moving in to wait out the snowy season that is about to come. Just as they are in advanced prep for the next season, you need to take care of the situation during this time.

It could be wise to make use of quarterly pest control practices to ensure that your home is safe throughout the year. Do so either by employing professionals (especially for existent and complex infestations) or implementing your own safeguards and habits.

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