What is this treatment?


Invisalign is a treatment for patients of all ages, everyone should be able to be happy with their smile. Gone are the days when alignment treatments involving an uncomfortable fixed brace was the only way to make teeth straighter. This is a highly effective and yet mostly comfortable treatment option to align a patient’s teeth. The treatment has been widely praised by a huge number of patients and many patient testimonials show how this treatment is a safe and accessible one. Patients are supplied with a series of aligners, that when worn in succession gently force the teeth into the right position – giving a healthier-looking, straighter, smile. This treatment is virtually invisible to others so people will not know a patient is undergoing dental treatment. The aligners can also be removed, so patients can continue to eat their favourite foods and drink their favourite drinks. The aligners are easy to clean and so are a perfect choice for their role.

What is the procedure?

This treatment uses a series of aligners that, when worn in the correct order, gently force a patient’s teeth into a more desirable position. This treatment uses iTero technology, this technology takes away the need for moulds and impressions to be taken of the teeth. The data collected by the iTero system creates a 3D image of the patient’s teeth. This picture is used to form the aligners that patients will be using to achieve their teeth straightening goals. The iTero system can also be used to give patients a clear idea of how their teeth will look post-treatment. Having a clear image of how the treatment will make a patient’s teeth look is a valuable thing, as it means patients have a clear end goal in sight. The teams that deal with this treatment are highly skilled and trained, they are available for any patient during their dental journey and they are on hand to answer any questions posed and make sure that the treatment is as seamless as possible.

Dental treatment

What are the benefits?

Invisalign in Kirton has many benefits. This can include a whole host of different things, all of which contribute as to why this treatment is so popular. One of these benefits is that the aligners are clear and so do not attract any unnecessary attention. The treatment, therefore, does not become an eyesore. Because the aligners can be taken out there are fewer restrictions on diet choices, especially when compared to traditional braces. The aligners are easy to clean and therefore, are a healthier choice for the mouth. The nature of this treatment has little effect on the day to day life of customers. Patients can carry out their normal day to day lives without worrying about their aligners. One of the main benefits of this treatment is that it can lead to an increase in self-esteem. This is because when a patient’s teeth look good it can have an effect on their confidence and benefit them as a whole. If a patient thinks that this treatment could be for them, they should get in contact with a practice to discuss what their options are and devise a plan to move forward.

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