What is restorative dentistry?


Restorative dental care is a type of dentistry that strives to restore not only the physical and therefore aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, but also improve the function of the teeth, and the mouth as a whole. Dental implants Herefordshire are deemed within the modern world of dentistry as one of the best possible solutions for patients who are experiencing missing teeth from within the mouth. Despite their undeniable popularity however, many patients may still be unsure of what exactly to expect from the treatment process.

Knowing what to expect from the dental implant treatment process

Dental implants are small titanium screws which are used to replace the natural stabilising root within the patient’s mouth. Connected to the stabilising replica root is the ‘abutment’ this is also commonly referred to within the field of dental care as ‘the connector’ and essentially works to link both the dental implant screw, and the replica porcelain crown, which is custom matched to the patient’s natural surrounding teeth in both its shade, and its shape too.

How long do dental implants last within the mouth?

Much like any dental treatment (whether this be cosmetic, restorative, or even orthodontic) the treatment process will vary greatly depending on the complexity of the individual case. Despite this however, as a general rule, when the dental implants are cleaned, and therefore treated with the correct aftercare, they can last for a large number of years within the mouth.

Are dental implants right for your unique dental case?

Many patients who are suffering from missing teeth from within the mouth may feel unsure regarding the appropriateness of dental implants for their unique dental case. If you are a patient who is feeling confused about the best solution for your smile, then you may wish to know a little more about the benefits of receiving this particular type of restorative dental care.
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What are the benefits of receiving dental implants?

Many patients may find the modern world of dental treatments difficult to navigate, however dental implants could be deemed as the ideal solution for any patients suffering from missing teeth. In addition to looking natural, porcelain crowns at many modern dental clinics are now matched to the shape and shade of the natural surrounding teeth within the mouth, dental implants can consequently increase a patient’s self-esteem too. In addition, dental implants can restore the function of an individual’s smile, a stable tooth ensures patients can start to partake in daily dental tasks (such as brushing, eating and drinking) which may have previously caused them varying levels of oral discomfort, or even dental pain pre-dental implant!

Reducing the risk of dental diseases and infections

Dental implants boast a multitude of benefits, however closing the missing gap within the mouth can also prevent the onset of many oral diseases, and possibly infections. To elaborate further, exposed gum within the mouth can act as a breeding ground for oral bacteria. If left untreated, the development of oral diseases and infections can unfortunately occur.

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