Yes, You Can Upgrade Your Indoor Gyms This 2022


We love indoor gyms, and there was a period back in 2020 when adding one to your home was the latest trend among fitness buffs, giving you that access to a zero compromise workout even when fitness centers were still closed at the time. As a result, those who double-downed on the project came out swinging by the end, and while it may have been a hefty investment at first, it does save recurring payments for a gym membership.

However, now that almost two years have passed since then, we fear that some equipment items these indoor gyms feature may be lacking or are already showing signs of wear and tear. And if you’re among the faction of fitness enthusiasts who cut back on costs by going for more affordable alternatives, it might be time to replace those weights with new and better quality ones this 2022.

No One’s Forcing You, But You Might’ve Already Made the Unconscious Decision.

Now, before you take up your pitchforks and argue that keeping the same set of weights is more than enough, we just want to say that this is merely a suggestion and by no means an assertion on what’s necessary. However, even if you do believe in those words, you may have unconsciously decided that buying new equipment is essential because (1) your workouts need more variety and (2) you’ve been losing steam in terms of motivation.

  1. Even Workouts Need A Bit Of Variety

    Compound movements are the king of all exercises, and if we were to stick with three, then having the equipment for squats, bench presses, and deadlifts should do you good. But, our indoor gyms aren’t subject to these constraints, and following the same routine can get boring after some time. So, scouting for new equipment helps introduce a bit more variety in your training regimen and makes TikTok’s famous workout tips a lot more accessible to try yourself.

  2. A Form Of Extra Workout Motivation

    While most fitness enthusiasts and long-time gym-goers will raise that consistency and determination are all you need; we’re all still people that crave a bit of external affirmation. Sometimes, motivation can hit an all-time low, and getting up to do any exercises will feel like the world’s greatest challenge. But, you can use new equipment as an excuse to get back into the groove, even if it’s just once.

Invest In Multi-Functional Gym Equipment For Your Home

a woman lifting weights

Of course, when it comes to choosing what gym equipment to invest in, we strongly advise not trying to match what a local gym offers on a one-to-one ratio because that will quickly empty your bank account. No matter how deep your pockets may be, it’s just not economical. Instead, choose equipment that’s inherently multi-functional to squeeze out more than just one exercise.

  • Power Rack With New Bumper Plates

    If you don’t have a power rack yet and have been relying on your dumbbells for all free weight purposes, we strongly recommend buying one ASAP with new bumper plates to go with them. Yes, this will come at a pretty penny, but the number of workouts you can do will be more than enough to justify the purchase. Plus, it makes powerlifting training regimens more accessible for a beginner.

  • Full-Blown Cable Machine

    Although cable machines may seem like gym equipment that’s too much for an indoor layout, there are plenty of workouts and angles you just can’t get right without them. Of course, we won’t deny that there are DIY options available and cheaper alternatives, but the convenience it provides is second to none. It’s also great for corrective exercises just in case you run into an injury.

Of Course, Never Disregard the Necessary Fixes

Last but not least, when upgrading your indoor gym, brand-new gym equipment should always come in second place because any necessary fixes and renovations to make the space more functional are a lot more important. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to compromise a good workout with unnecessary risks just two feet away from you; that’s just bad planning!

  • Any Broken Fixtures Deserve an Upgrade

    There’s plenty of high-intensity effort echoing inside an indoor gym, and sometimes our misplaced strength ends up breaking certain fixtures that deserve an immediate upgrade. For example, accidentally slamming the door could ruin some of its parts, and we’d suggest switching out any broken accessories and replacing them with electronic exit devices. In addition to this, if something like the flooring or mirrors need replacing, these should take priority as well.

Balance the Ones You Need the Most

We bet most indoor gyms today are in desperate need of attention, and since we can’t afford every upgrade available, just try your best to balance the ones you need most. Over time, you can accumulate the upgrades when you see fit, so don’t feel pressured to get them ASAP.

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