Treat the Office Like Your Home When Planning Improvements


No house remains unchanged throughout the years. Signs of life turn a house into a home, and along with that comes a little bit of clutter. You may notice certain parts of your home needing repair, but those little details make them yours and not anyone else’s abode.

It’s the same thing in the office. Everyone’s movement contributes to wear and tear. Now, this doesn’t mean you should just leave problem areas unsolved. To have the best experience at home or in the office, make these positive changes happen:

Refresh Wall Covering

You think it’s not a big deal to have peeling paint, but think about the image it’s projecting on visitors. When they step foot inside your office, they see the walls first and think you couldn’t be bothered to look for a commercial wallpaper to freshen up the look of the space. They don’t stop there, though, and that’s the problem. They make assumptions based on your wall covering condition and if it’s abysmal, they will assume you apply the same lack of care to every other area of your business.

Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you would do business with your company. The walls may also affect your performance in the office. They may not be doing anything, but because you have to look at them, you won’t be able to think productively due to their state. That means added stress, which you don’t need while making important decisions.

Organize the Kitchen

Open plan kitchen with marble countertopsBoth the office and the home have a kitchen as one of its busiest places. No business transaction may be finalized in the kitchen, but it’s not less important than other parts of the office. It’s a place where employees unwind during lunch and the least you can do is to have that leaking faucet repaired. The fridge also needs regular cleaning, and don’t wait for the company microwave to emit foul odor before it gets some care as well.

Everything in the kitchen reflects the kind of care you have for your employees. If they can’t even get a decent and clean space where they can have their lunch in peace, what’s stopping them from leaving their job?

Clean Regularly

This isn’t to say you have to do the cleaning yourself, but you should not forget to hire janitorial services on a regular schedule. Many things can happen if you ignore the state of cleanliness in the office. First, there will be a pest issue. You’ll start hearing complaints that someone is eating another person’s snacks, but what if a fellow employee is not the culprit?

Along with pests come the health issues. Wondering why more employees are getting sick? Well, if they’re working in an unclean environment, they would be prone to bacteria and illnesses. The cleaning service should also clean the ducts to keep dirty air from circulating around the office and worsening the problem.

How much of the time you spend in the office goes to getting things done? Maybe your productivity is suffering from the office’s current situation.

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