Top Things to Know When Buying Arrows for Hunting


When it comes to bow hunting, choosing the right arrows is crucial for success in the field. Here are the top things to know when buying arrows for hunting:

Understanding Arrow Spine: Arrow spine refers to its stiffness, and this is denoted by a three-digit number marked on the shaft. The lower the number, the stiffer the spine. It’s essential to match the arrow spine to your bow’s draw weight and length for optimal performance.

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Consider Arrow Weight: The weight of the arrow plays a significant role in its trajectory and impact on target. Heavier arrows carry more momentum and are better suited for big game hunting, while lighter arrows are faster but may lack penetration.

Choose the Right Arrow Material: Arrows are usually made from carbon, aluminum, or a combination of both. Carbon arrows are a popular choice for hunting because they are lightweight and durable. Aluminum arrows are heavier but offer excellent straightness and durability.

Pay Attention to Arrow Straightness: While arrow straightness is important, minor variations in straightness measurements may not significantly affect hunting performance, especially at typical hunting distances.

Ensure Proper Fitting Nocks: The fit of the arrow’s nock on the string is crucial for accuracy and consistency. A proper fitting nock ensures that the arrow is released cleanly and flies true to its intended path.

Consider Broadhead Compatibility: When choosing arrows for hunting, it’s essential to consider compatibility with your preferred broadheads. Ensure that the arrow shafts can accommodate the weight and design of your broadheads for optimal performance.

Test and Tune Arrows: Before heading out into the field, take the time to test and tune your arrows for optimal performance. This includes checking arrow flight, adjusting arrow spine if necessary, and ensuring proper arrow rest and nock alignment.

By understanding these key factors and considerations, hunters can make informed decisions when purchasing arrows for hunting. Whether it’s matching arrow spine to bow specifications or choosing the right arrow material and weight, selecting the right arrows for hunting can greatly enhance hunting success and overall enjoyment of the sport.

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