Could This Autumn/Winter Be Your Time For Change?


As our hot summer of 2022 ends, and we enter the browning leaves of Autumn you could be left with two different feelings: joy at the chance for hot chocolate, nights in and woolly jumpers or doom and gloom at the prospect of cold days, shooter days and dulling social lives. If you’re feeling the latter, then we have an idea that could seriously transform your autumn. What is it? Starting out on your long anticipated Invisalign St Johns Wood Journey. You don’t need to spend another season upset with the look of your teeth when you could start the change now.

What Is Invisalign St Johns Wood?

Invisalign is a tray system that sits snugly over the teeth and slowly moves your teeth into a new position. They work through applying small amounts of pressure to each area section/tooth that needs moving, and for this reason they come in stages. Stages you will then move through during your process, changing trays every couple of weeks.

Why Straightening Teeth A Good Move For confidence

If you’ve been feeling negative thoughts about your teeth, whether that be for years or weeks, it has likely begun to take its toll on your confidence. If you feel yourself covering your mouth when you laugh, talk and in some cases eat, it could be a sign that you are feeling either consciously or subconsciously insecure about your smile. Now, the issue with this has two strands, the first being that feeling negatively about yourself in general not good and potentially harmful mentally and secondly that the worrying/stressing about your look will be eating into your precious energy which is really very unnecessary and potentially the cause of further health issues such as anxiety and poor self-image. Not to mention, you could be using this precious brain power for more important things such as work, family and hobbies.

hand holding invisalign

Why Teeth Straightening is Beneficial Practically

The practicalities of having straighter teeth come in thick and fast. Firstly, they are much easier to clean and have the potential to help you keep your natural teeth for much longer. Cleaning your teeth is just much easier when there is less overlapping, crowding and misaligned teeth, it’s easier to clean the gum line and floss correctly, and it’s these two things that help protect against decay and gum disease.

For those whose teeth are misaligned at the jaw, straightening can be the cure for a heap of problems including jaw tension, migraines and teeth grinding. All of these things have long term impacts on our health, including poor sleep, stress and worn teeth.

Time For Change

If you have been feeling any worry or discomfort when it comes to your teeth, then you have the right to change this. Orthodontics are far more accessible now, both financially and practically, and Invisalign is a leading example of this. Why wait any longer? Make Autumn 2022 a time for you – get booked in with your local practice and start your journey to a healthier, happier smile.

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