Summer Tricks to Make Your Home Cooler


The summer season usually means sweating like crazy from doing the simplest of chores. A cold glass of lemonade will give some relief, but there are days when it is not enough. You have to find other ways to overcome the temperature. Turning the air conditioning the whole day would be nice, but it will have severe consequences for your monthly power bills –something a lot of homeowners are concerned about.

Learning some summer tricks on how to make your home cooler this season without relying too much on your air conditioning units is possible. Here’s how you can make that happen:

Make use of shades

Having a retractable shade in your patio can turn it into the perfect place to relax and drink your cold lemonade. Using blinds to prevent the heat from entering your home, especially during the peak of the heat in the day, can lessen the warm temperature in your home. Blackout shades can also expel heat and make your place feel less warm.

Change your sheets

It’s hard to sleep at night when you feel uncomfortable and sweaty. The solution? Change your bed sheets. Using cotton and bamboo sheets can make a whole lot of difference in your sleep experience. While you’re at it, wear the same kind of fabric as your pajamas for added comfort.

Let the air in

If you have patios and shades installed in your windows outside, make use of the shade and open your windows to let the air in. You could also place potted plants in your home to make it cooler. Cross ventilation or opening various windows to allow natural air to flow in your home freely can make you feel comfortable –for free!

Turn off and unplug

They might not be running, but your plugged vacuum cleaner, television, stereo, and other electrical appliances emit heat when plugged. So, when not in use, do not just turn them off. It’s best to unplug them. Also, avoid using electric lights when you can use natural light. Doing so will not only help preserve energy but also help emit less heat at home.


Invest in improving your home insulation before the peak of summer. Improving insulation in your foundation, roof, and the wall can help prevent heat from being absorbed and making you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Time your cooking

child eating a popsicle

Plan your meals in such a way that you won’t need to cook at noon, when it is the hottest, or anytime during the day. Cooking before the sun is in its highest or after the sun sets can help your home have a more regulated temperature. The steam and smoke from cooking even the simplest dishes or baking the least complicated treats contribute a lot to your home’s overall temperature. Using the microwave or a crockpot can help lessen the heat generated when cooking.

Feel comfortable even during the hottest of the summer days by following these simple but effective tricks. Doing so can help you enjoy the season without having to increase your monthly power consumption just because of excess air conditioning usage.

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