Reasons You Should Not Get Married Before the Age of 35


If you’re earning good money at a young age, and you’re in a stable romantic relationship, and you have sufficient investments to boot, it’s easy to get tempted to settle down. The prospect of getting married might start to look like the best way to go. You’ll have a partner who’ll look after you and whom you can look after too. The two of you can start raising a family and have Sunday barbecues.

That quaint picture has its merits, for sure. But that’s not your only option. At least not while you’re still young, and you have many years at your disposal before you turn 35. Here we make a case why you should delay marriage, at least until you’re in your late 30s.

You do not want to miss out

Consider this scenario: You made it big, amassed wealth. Your death bed is in a fancy retirement home. You have a laser-etched granite memorial at an equally fancy graveyard waiting for you. And your last word is Rosebud. That’s because you once saw the movie Citizen Kane. And you have no story of your own to make your last few breaths more interesting to your caretaker. So you end up copying Orson Welles’s famous line.

The point is you have to make your own stories. Give yourself time to live a life you can call your own. That is before you share it with someone else.

You still have so much to see

How many countries have you visited? How many capital cities have you checked out? This is the best time to travel. You’re young and agile. You can go trekking up the Himalayas and not be bothered by back pain. You can go swimming with whale sharks without suffering from a stroke. Make the most of your youth and see the world.

Sure, you can still travel even if you’re married with children. But chances are you’ll be on a cruise. Or you’ll be joining tour packages that sap the excitement from traveling.

woman shopping

You need to enjoy the money you make

You’re earning an excellent salary for someone your age and for someone who might have excelled in school easily. If you marry now and start a family, you’ll have expenses left and right, and before you know it, you have to weigh the pros and cons before purchasing a new set of underwear.

You’re young, and you’re contributing to the country’s economy. Reward yourself by enjoying the money you make. On your own terms, that is. Buy a car that’ll make you look like a rap star.

You’re at the peak of your prowess

Ideally, once you get married, you won’t cheat. That is even if you’re in front of the hottest person alive who’s also into you. If you enjoyed your salad days enough, you have a better shot at saying no to any temptation that happens while you’re already wearing a wedding band.

So as the adage goes, go freak around while you’re still young. Experiment with your sexuality as much as you want. Just make sure it’s always consensual and that you use protection. Or else, you might get into a situation you can’t back out from. You can think about other scenarios than that.

Your sperm’s forever

This is where the lady’s got the short end of the stick. Their eggs expire. Your sperm’s forever. You can use it now. And still, you can save lots for later. So if you’re keen on having children, there’s no need to rush. You can have them even if you’re 80. But that will likely require you to seek the help of a blue pill. And lots of prayers too.

Seriously though, take your time. Your body’s not declining any time soon. It’s just getting started, in fact.

Marriage is all well and good until you read the statistics. Between 40 and 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. The other 50 percent end in something fatal. While that latter statement is a crass joke, it won’t hurt if you take it a bit seriously. You do not want to get married while you’re still young, and you have the world as your oyster. You still have so much to explore.

You do not want to reach midlife and blame your partner because you suddenly feel like you missed out on a lot of things. Give yourself time to know yourself to the best of your ability. Once you finally settle down, you’ll have more to share with your partner.

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