Reduce the Risk of Injury to Your Elderly Parents with These Tips


Older adults are more likely to experience injuries than those who are younger. As they age, their bones and muscles become weaker, and they are less flexible. There are many common injuries that elderly parents face, and it is essential to take steps to prevent them from happening.

Broken Bones

An accident common among the elderly is slipping and falling. These can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones or hip fractures. To help prevent slips and falls in your house, installing grab bars in the bathroom and keeping walkways clear of clutter is crucial. It is also essential to have a stable chair with a firm seat cushion and avoid standing for long periods.

Plus, if your parents ever seem to be having trouble walking or maintaining their balance, it is vital to have them evaluated by a doctor. And on the off chance that they fall and hurt themselves, make sure to get them to an urgent care clinic immediately to get treated.

Head Injuries

Head injuries could result from a fall or bumping one’s head. A bump or hit to the head could lead them to experience a concussion, and the result of a fall could be internal bleeding in the brain. Before sending your parents back home, be sure that their doctor clears them after an accident or fall.

And for any serious injuries, make sure to take your parents to the emergency room immediately. To reduce the risk of injury or accidents that could lead to head injury, be sure to lower the risk of falls, and if a fall does occur, be sure your parents get medical treatment.

Pressure Sores

Another common injury your parents could face is pressure sores, also called bedsores. These can happen easily if your parents are lying in one position for a long time. You can prevent them from happening by regularly turning your parents over and repositioning them so that they don’t have to lie in the same position for too long.

You could also help your parents prevent bedsores by making sure that they always wear clean clothes and apply moisturizer to any areas where their skin is dry. Maintaining healthy circulation is also beneficial for preventing bedsores, so make sure your parents are getting up and moving around frequently.

elderly injury


A common injury that adults face is a fracture. They could happen during a fall or due to weak bones, and they can be especially dangerous if they occur in the hip or spine. And because your elderly parents may be unable to get around easily with a broken bone, it is vital to help them avoid them whenever possible.

You should make sure your parents always wear sturdy, slip-resistant shoes with a thick sole and a lower heel. You should also encourage them to carry a cane or walker with them if they have trouble walking and help them avoid standing for too long at one time. If they do have any pain or difficulties with their bones, be sure to have them evaluated by a doctor immediately.


As people age, their skin becomes thinner and more fragile. This means that they are at a greater risk of getting burned or scalded easily, and they may not be able to feel it as quickly. To help prevent burns among the elderly, they need to maintain a safe distance from ovens and other heating appliances.

You should also make sure that your parents avoid using stovetops and hot water or use microwaves for their cooking needs. And for helping them avoid scalding, you should keep hot beverages and other liquids out of their reach to prevent spills and burns.

Lower Back Pain

As people age, they can experience more back pain, making it difficult to complete everyday tasks. If your parents complain about having any pain in their back, you should immediately help them to their feet and provide support while they stand.

You can also reduce the risk of back pain by ensuring your parents are getting up and moving as much as possible. Encourage movement by having them take a walk or go for a swim. You can also have them try doing some simple stretches regularly. And if they do experience back pain, be sure to take them to the doctor and avoid any movements that could cause them to injure themselves again.

Preventing injury can be difficult, but there are many ways you can help reduce the risk. By being proactive and helping to avoid accidents, you can help keep your elderly parents safe and healthy.

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