Health Risks Male Adults Can Suffer From That are Preventable


Being young and fit can make you feel like you’re forever in your prime. But it’s not always the case. Young men are not invincible, and it can only worsen when you get older if you’re not taking good care of yourself now.   That’s why it’s important to educate yourself on health and wellness. It’s good to stay fit but going to the gym isn’t all that matters. You have to remember that well-being should be inside and out.

Below are some of the most common health risks young male adults may encounter and prevent. Check out how you can protect yourself from these.

Mental Health Struggles

From media to literature, it’s been portrayed everywhere that male is the tougher sex. But when mental health issues don’t choose anyone. In 2019, men died by suicide 3.63x as often as women. That’s according to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This data alone only shows that mental health struggles are indiscriminate. The stigma around mental health issues within the male population also adds to the risks. Men tend to be timider when it comes to seeking professional help.

One thing that you have to know is help is available. Having mental health issues doesn’t make you less of a man. It doesn’t make anyone less of a person. It’s important to seek medical intervention to prevent the long-term effects of mental health illnesses.


Part of male youth is being active. You can’t get enough of the adrenaline whenever you step into the court. You feel that rush of energy after chugging your pre-workout drink, then give your all at the gym. An active lifestyle is rewarding when you’re young. But this also means that young men are prone to injuries. You can learn about the reduction of injury risks when you do your recreational activities. Always play your sports with caution. Sprains and twists can be avoided if you do proper warm-ups before the game.

The same goes before working out. Stretch your muscles by doing warm-ups. The most important thing in working out is to do your routine properly. Don’t be afraid to approach a coach to teach you how to do an exercise. You can also watch videos before working out. Make sure to maintain the correct form and posture every time you do specific routines. Injuries are inevitable, but you can prevent them from occurring.

Liver Diseases

The life of the party could start as early as your teen years. But financial dependency can make it more amplified. This can give freedom to young men when it comes to their diet choices. Some even lead to including a ton of alcoholic beverages into their diets which can be harmful. This also emphasizes the danger of binge drinking for younger adult men. Little did they know they may have already developed a liver disease as they continuously drink through the years.

Swedish research found that men who consume alcohol in late adolescence can develop liver disease years later. This is compared to young people who don’t drink at all. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but you have to regulate yourself. Drinking moderately is always the key. Having self-control is essential.

Eye Problems

Problems with sight are very prevalent in young male adults. Some can develop eye problems as early as in their teenage years. The good thing is the abundance of treatment available for everyone.

From blepharoplasty to keratoconus cross-linking corneal surgery, you can have access to these. But what matters is prevention. This is the reason why visiting an ophthalmologist should be done regularly. It’s necessary, especially if your family has a history of eye problems. A simple eye strain could actually lead to more serious problems, so never ignore any signs of eyesight problem. A visit to an ophthalmology clinic can help you maintain good eyesight.

Lung Diseases

Just like liver complications, lung diseases can be caused by vices young male adults are so into. The most common vice that can cause lung disease is, of course, smoking. According to CDC, this harmful vice increases the risk of dying from coronary heart disease among middle-aged men by almost four times. CDC also stated that the lungs of younger smokers might not reach their potential size. This prevents them from functioning to their full capacity. The chemicals in tobacco prevent the growth of the lungs of younger smokers. If you used to smoke when you were a teenager, this might be the best time to quit.

Minimize the risk of getting chronic lung or respiratory disease when you get older.     Life is enjoyable if your health is in its perfect state. Most of the complications mentioned above are preventable. You have to stay focused on your well-being and avoid things that can harm your health. Get medical help if it’s necessary. Prolong your prime years by staying healthy inside and out.

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