Methods of Lighting Your Home’s Artwork


Buying or constructing a home is only one step toward enjoying your family time and putting together your dream home. You still need to invest in remodeling, renovation, or restoration once in a while to keep your home looking exceptional. People erroneously assume these terms are similar. Home renovation involves a change to your home’s design and some fixing of its structural elements without altering its layout. A remodel changes the shapes and sizes of your rooms and their design.

Restoration is the biggest task handled by construction companies in Austin, Texas, and encompasses bringing your home to what it originally was. The primary objective of renovation, remodeling, and restoration is to boost the look of your home. One element that should form a part of your undertaking is the artwork. You will aim to invest in exquisite art pieces, and it is only prudent to ensure they work for your interiors. To this end, the following are some of the lighting options that will illuminate your artwork and boost its effect on your décor.

Ceiling-Mounted Accent Lighting

This is an excellent choice for making your artwork rather than the lighting the focus of your rooms. The ceiling lighting you use can be surface-mounted or recessed and should allow for the adjustment of its direction. The range of the light beam should also be carefully picked to guarantee it covers a large part of your artwork rather than focusing on one of its sections. The beam should ideally hit your artwork’s center when your fixture is at a 30-degree angle.

Wall Washers

These are best used for flexible artwork setup. Wall washers come in surface-mounted, track-mounted and recessed variants. They can be placed on your ceiling, floor, or walls to deliver a wider light distribution compared to ceiling-mounted lighting. Most contemporary collectors looking for flexibility to relocate, remove, and add to their artwork opt for wall washers since they are highly flexible and deliver even light.

Picture Lights

living room with an artwork hand on the wall

These are mounted on your walls or around the frames of your artwork. They will place the light source close to your artwork and, therefore, create some sense of intimacy in your pictures while inviting people to take a closer look. Picture lights often use low-wattage lamps and come in various designs to match your overall décor.

Track Lighting

This is used for continually changing artwork displays. Track lighting has a minimal and clean look with the same performance as accent- and ceiling-mounted lighting. It is nonetheless easier to install and more flexible compared to the latter and can be moved when need be with your artwork. Track lighting is, unfortunately, not a beautiful as other artwork lighting alternatives.

Picking and buying the best artwork pieces is no mean feat. Unfortunately, you might wash down your hard work and money even with the best artwork with the wrong choice for lighting. The above guidelines might fool you into believing you can make the right choice. Even so, without a licensed and qualified construction company, artwork lighting will only mar you overall interior décor and sometimes place your property at risk of an electric fire.

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