Live Bravely to Make a Difference


A lot of things in the world can make you feel insecure. Everywhere you turn, there is a reminder that you are not as good at your craft as you want to be. It is easy to let negative thoughts take over if you do not guard your heart and mind against them.

These days, it is essential to be brave and to live bravely for the things that matter to you. Not doing so will make your life miserable and filled with regrets.

Making a Stand

Each person is passionate about something. Whether you are an advocate for the environment or you want your community to do better in terms of recycling plastics, you want to speak up about these matters so that the ignorant people will be informed. Inaction stems from ignorance. Even if there are tools and garden sheds online to aid a gardener in becoming self-sufficient, if they do not know how to do it, it is not likely that they will make a move towards a more sustainable way of life. This is where making a stand comes in; if you inform them of the ways they can save the environment and produce healthier food for themselves, they will be motivated to make the change.

Pioneering Change

planting seedling with bare hands

It is not enough to talk about your passions, of course. You also need to walk the talk–to be at the forefront while changes are happening. Your voice spoke to people for them to change their behaviors, but if you are the first person not to change, it will all be for nothing. It would be just like greenwashing, a practice that some ‘eco-conscious’ companies use to get the sympathy of customers even if they are not genuinely following eco-friendly processes. These days, people want change so badly that companies take advantage. They slap on an eco-friendly color to their labels and voila! Customers think they are a sustainable choice. This is not the kind of advocate you want to be. Even if it is hard, keep going; otherwise, you are abandoning the movement for change that you pioneered in the first place.

Finding Allies

You cannot do this alone. Your effort is enough to spark change, but if you want to get things done, you will need more voices. Whether it’s just getting your own family to join in your cause or encouraging the whole neighborhood to adapt your proposed trash segregation plans, each person you reach is a success. Allies are what help you make a big difference. While the small change you can do by yourself can already be significant, why stop there when you are talking about something as serious as climate change? When you live bravely and encourage other people to do the same, you are making the world braver and more deliberate in their actions. The results can only be good if you continue reaching out.

It is easy to live a passive life and not seek out improvement when you can continue living a lavish and comfortable lifestyle. However, when you advocate for change, big things happen.

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