How You Can Spruce Up Your Basement Creatively


If you work from home or you need a room for yourself, have you considered your basement? With a few fixes and creative choices, you can transform your drab space into an oasis that makes you want to stay in. Read on to know how you can maximize your basement’s potential for your next home project.

1. Upgrade the Flooring

Chances are your basement is sporting plain gray concrete. If you’re not spending a lot of time there, it’s probably one of the reasons why. Why not upgrade it by coating it with some metallic epoxy resin? It’s loaded with pigments that shine when it catches the light. Having it cover your floor will add some flair and color to the room to make it look more inviting. Besides its appearance, it’s also long-lasting and easy to maintain.

2. Light Up the Room

One of the things that make basements dreary is the absence of natural light. But you can make up for it with good lighting. Research has shown that bright lights can intensify your feelings. This means that you’re likely to feel happier and more positive in well-lit places. Maximize the windows of your basement and compensate with lamps and ceiling lights.

When buying lights, consider the color it emits as well. A study has discovered that the color temperature of light sources can affect people’s comfort and productivity. If you’re planning to transform the room into an office, get lights that appear blue-white. For relaxation purposes, install red to yellow-tinged white lamps.

3. Don’t Forget to Decorate

Caring about the appearance of your home isn’t shallow. A study by Claremont McKenna College has revealed that interior design has an immense influence on people’s emotional well-being. Besides focusing on the functions, it’s important to make your room look cozy and pleasing as well. You can hang up your favorite photos, add carpets, and install mirrors.

You can even have plants underground. HGTV has created a list of plants that can survive with minimal to no light at all. If you need more reasons to get plants, consider that they have physical and mental benefits. They produce oxygen, relieve stress, and make you more productive.

4. Plan It Right


Decide what you want your space to be. Do you want it to be a game room or a guest bedroom? Or maybe you’re thinking of making it a family room or a kitchen? Having a goal in mind will make your house project easier and faster. There is free software available that you can use to make a 3-D model of your basement. You can use it to see if there’s enough space to add a pool table or a dining table. Using a model can also make you see if your chosen palettes and furniture would look good together.

Making the most out of your basement has several advantages. You can have more room for the entire family and improve your productivity if you work from home. It’s also beneficial if you’re planning to sell off your property. A report has shown that basement remodels have a 70.3% payback. If you’re looking for your next home project, look no further than your basement.

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