How to Start a Self-Storage Business


Self-storage businesses are currently very lucrative due to the high demand for storage spaces. Multinational companies, factories, and even individuals are in constant need for space to store their raw materials, products and personal belongings that are not in use.

To succeed in this business, one needs to have a good business plan backed up by excellent customer relations, among other necessary qualities. The following guidelines will help you set up and thrive in the self-storage industry.

Set Up Your Units in a Convenient Location

The storage facility is the most crucial part of the business. You should identify a convenient location for the construction of the premises; an area properly suited for development with all the essential infrastructure and amenities. It should also have a heavy flow of traffic and must be easily accessible.

Construction of the storage units can then commence. Ensure that they are of high standards by going for high-quality materials and professional construction. You can seek the services of professional welding and steel fabrication companies in Edmonton to fit the gate, doors, and roof of the facility. They will also create efficient and durable equipment such as shelves and ladders that will be essential in the running of the business. Ensure that the fittings, as well as the ventilation, is in place before opening the facility up to customers.

Comply With the Legal Requirements

man signing a documentEnsure that the relevant entities properly register your business. Obtain the necessary permits and licenses that will allow you to operate legally. Failure to comply with the legal statutes may cost your business hefty fines or even result in closure.

You will be required to register for the applicable taxes and pay on time to avoid penalties. You should seek legal and professional advice from tax experts to get proper guidance on laws and taxation of small businesses. They can also elaborate on grants and financial aid from the government, for which your business qualifies.

Establish an Online Presence

In this technologically advanced era, having an online presence is necessary for the success of any business. You need to create a website that will link you with your customers. The site should readily offer information about your business and the services you provide. Your contact information should be readily available to facilitate communication. Consider having active social media platforms to connect to and engage with more clients in real time.

Have an Aggressive Marketing Strategy

After creating a vibrant online presence, you should come up with a strategy of reaching out to your customers. You can create flyers, banners and get listed in local and online directories. You can also plan meetings with your target customers, where you can network with them as you tell them about your business. Remember to stand out from your competition by marketing your business as a strong brand that customers can confidently trust.

With the vast potential for growth and success, the storage business can be your best investment. The guidelines discussed above can help you in the starting and running of the company.

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