How to Hold an Awesome Wedding Reception


Receptions are among the most memorable parts of a wedding, and admittedly is something most the guests look forward to. And while the wedding is always about the bride and groom, the guests deserve their own slice of special treatment as well.

Because no matter how beautiful the wedding is or how extravagant the ceremonies are, they take a while. After an entire day of preparation for an hour or so of the ceremony (and the dieting and exercising that goes behind the scenes). your guests will want some good food and a place to rest.

That’s where the reception comes in. Done properly, it can be a perfect, smooth flowing event that everyone will remember for many years to come. Done poorly, it may just make everyone else swear of holding weddings forever. So, how can you come out on the winning side?

Program flow

There are two types of reception: one that functions more or less like a gathering after the ceremony and another that involves the ceremony itself. You have full freedom to choose which one you want to go with, but keep in mind that you need to commit to your choice. Either way, both types will require a program flow of some sort.

These program flows are not only critical to making sure the reception doesn’t go awry; they also give you clearly delineated start and stop points for each part of the evening. Expect this to get rowdier as the night goes on (depending on your guests), so it’s better to have something stable as a foundation throughout the reception.


Catering is an important part of every reception, and having done your work on the type of food that you’ll serve can do wonders. Always remember that providing food options is a necessity, and make sure the type of service you’ll provide (either a buffet or served courses) is something your guests know in advance.

Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom

Working with the right catering service can also give you a couple of unexpected perks. Whether it’s free booze, food, or services, being on good terms with your caterer can allow you to hold a ceremony worth remembering. Wedding catering companies pride themselves on great customer service, so all you need to do is find one that works well with you.


Aside from the catering, the venue is also a critical part of what makes a successful reception. It requires a thorough understanding of the type of guests you have, how many are coming, and how the venue processes foot traffic. It’s far from an easy process, but one that can pay off quite a bit if done correctly.

However, this does mean you need to be more involved in screening your guests. It may be tempting to leave it all up to your wedding planner, but since you have a more accurate idea of how your friends and family work, you should absolutely coordinate with them when it comes to setting up the venue. Consider everything that’s important before finalizing the details of your wedding ceremony and reception.

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