How Green Offices Can Help Boost Employee Productivity


Landscape design is one of the vital parts of any business plan because of its advantages. And one of its most notable effects is the boost in productivity as well as the health of employees. People who work in an office surrounded by plants tend to be happier than people who work in typical office settings.

According to research, office spaces that have potted plants showed an increase in productivity by at least 15 percent. The analysis goes to show that any work environment can become better if it’s filled with plants. But how does it work?

The truth behind green spaces

Most companies think that an employee thrives in lean office space. It’s a type of setting that aims to clear everything from the work surface to help reduce distraction. But contrary to this belief, the idea of lean office space doesn’t hold any water at all.

Experts believe that putting someone in a lean space only sucks away his creativity. Thus, affecting his productivity as well as the quality of his work. Meanwhile, green spaces help boost an employee’s concentration and productivity and satisfaction.

Even more, it also helps improve the air quality compared to the employees working in the lean office space. Since plants help absorb the toxins in the air, it allows employees to breathe better. There are types of plants that absorb formaldehyde, hexane, and benzene which can be toxic to a person’s body.

When a person is satisfied with his environment, it helps him focus more on his tasks throughout the day. Thus, helping him improve his productivity. That’s why a growing number of companies are aiming to look for commercial landscaping services in Bloomfield to help fulfill their plant needs.

But for plants to help employees feel better, the plants must be equally healthy. Where do you start?

The ultimate guide to managing a green office

woman surrounded by plants

The first thing that you need to know when managing a green office are the types of plants best suited for the indoor setting. You can choose between Pothos, Anthuriums, Dracaena, and Nephthys, among others. You can choose among any of these plants mentioned.

But ensure that it won’t take too much space from the employee’s workstation. The next thing that you need to think about is access to natural light. You need to check if the area gets enough sunlight to help it grow.

If you’re planning to set up the vertical garden in an area that gets a lot of sunlight, then you’ll have a broader range of options for plants. But if you’re planning to set it up in an area that gets less light, then it’s best to consider plants that can thrive in it.

Most of the plants that live well in less light usually have large, broad leaves. These plants can thrive well indoors and can even do well when placed under fluorescent lights.

When setting up a green office space, it’s best to ensure that your office is well-equipped with enough lighting to help the plants flourish. Remember that the condition of the plants will affect the health of the residents. So, ensure that the plants are well- managed, so people won’t feel negative when looking at it.

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