Good Hygiene for Healthier and Happier Kids


Children are like clay. They will take the shape of what their elders mold them into. This is why parents need to instill some habits in them early in life. One habit that has many facets is a child’s hygiene. This is very important because it leads to a healthy and self-confident individual. What are the things that a child should learn about their hygiene?

Pearly Whites

A child’s first tooth appears even before their first year. Starting early on oral hygiene is a good practice. A reputable pediatric dentist in Murray can give helpful tips for toddlers. They also serve as a good partner for a parent in establishing a good oral routine for the child.

Introduce your child early on to brushing their teeth. Expect to have some resistance at first. Letting them choose their toothbrush and the flavor of their toothpaste might help. Also, show them how to do it. In a child’s very young years, a parent must still do the brushing to ensure that the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. A clean set of teeth not only makes a good smile but also prevents bad breath and a host of other health problems.

Clean Little Hands

Children are very active. They want to put their hands on almost anything. If this cannot be prevented, instruct them to wash their hands always. This is to eliminate the host of germs that have taken residence in their small hands.

The process of washing their hands is not about putting them under the faucet and shaking them off after. Make sure to always let them use soap and form a rich lather. Instruct them to rub all parts, including between the fingers and under the nails. Then they have to rinse them well and wipe them in a clean cloth.

Tell your child to wash their hands after playing. Clean hands are also needed before and after eating. Also, practice hand hygiene after touching an animal. If a child washes their hands often, it will soon become very natural for them.

Shower Power

kid taking a bath

Body hygiene is important to be presentable and healthy. The hair is one’s crowning glory. Washing it well will ensure that it will not be infested with lice.

Your child should not only enjoy and play in their bath. When they are at an appropriate age, they should learn how to clean their body parts well. Teach them to wash their armpits, knees, nape, feet, and their pubic region. Putting on fresh clothes after is a must. Never let them reuse soiled clothes.

Doing Number 2

Being potty-trained is a great milestone. Toilet hygiene must come next. Guide them through the process of wiping or washing after they have pooped. Make sure that their bottom is clean and smells good. Also, teach them how to flush properly. Let them wash their hands after. Practicing good hygiene in the toilet will prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Proper hygiene is not an overnight project. It takes a lot of patience and good strategies to do such a feat. But the result of having a healthy child is worth all the effort. These are habits that they will take along with them even as they grow.

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