Get Your Cracked Teeth Fixed Before It Affects Your Morale


Simple things, such as a cracked front tooth, can easily erode your confidence and affect your daily routine. To avoid it becoming a source of embarrassment, have your broken tooth immediately fixed by a competent dentist.

Have you ever experienced suffering from a broken front tooth right before a speaking engagement or meeting an important client? Having shiny white teeth is part of your image projection which can easily be affected by a single broken tooth.

Just imagine showing up for a speaking engagement with half of your front tooth missing. It can easily destroy your confidence. Even if you muster enough courage to go up the stage, what people will immediately see is your cracked tooth.

People might not remember your words of wisdom but will recall your broken front tooth for a long time that. If you live in Meridian, Idaho, you should seek immediate dental care and have it fixed.

Causes of a Cracked Front Tooth

Teeth that are well-cared do not easily crack. If, however, you subject your teeth to extreme pressure by grinding them, they can easily weaken and crack. Biting or chewing hard objects or foods like hard candy, nuts or ice can also result in a cracked tooth.

Exposure to sudden temperature changes could also cause your teeth to crack. For instance, you ate something really hot, and to cool your mouth, you drank ice cold water. Age is also a factor on why your teeth could suffer cracks, as they weaken as you get older.

Another surefire way of suffering from a cracked tooth is when you experience hard blows in the front teeth area. These hard blows may have been due to an accident, a sports injury, or in rare cases, a fistfight

A Cosmetic Emergency

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Unless you experience severe pain or continuous blood flow from your broken tooth, it does not constitute a dental emergency. It is even possible to wait for a couple more days to see your dentist. It does, however, fall in the category of an emergency if you are about to meet with a client.

The same thing applies if you are going to talk to a group of people in a conference or seminar. A broken front tooth can easily turn into a source of embarrassment and cause you to lose confidence. Aside from this, letting days go by without having it fixed can only worsen its condition.

Urgent Dental Care

Setting up an appointment for emergency dental care in Meridian is the best thing for you to do under the circumstances. Your dentist can perform a thorough evaluation and recommend the proper course of action.

Depending on the size of the crack, the dentist may fill the empty space with composite resin fillings. Such material can be made to match the color and shape of your other teeth. When done, you will be very happy to see the affected tooth appear to be back to its original state.

A Necessary Procedure

In some cases, your dentist may recommend a more permanent solution like a jacket crown. This porcelain covered crown is used by the dentist to cover and protect the affected tooth. Remember, however, that such a procedure can require at least two visits to your dentist.

The first visit involves preparing the affected tooth then taking its impression, and the second is the actual crown placement. Depending on your schedule, the dentist may recommend the best solution either in the form of fillings or jacket crown.

The important thing is such an emergency dental procedure would ensure you have your confidence intact. This way, you will be able to deliver what you are expected to in a very smooth and assured manner.

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