First-Time Moms: A Pregnancy Survival Guide


Once you see those two lines in your pregnancy test kit, you know that you are in for a ride. Countless doctor’s visits, loading yourself up on tons of information about pregnancy, uneasiness here and there as well as feeling like your body is like a whole new mystery is what is in store for you in the next nine months.

But the journey will be exciting inasmuch as it is scary. So, the best way to understand your pregnancy is to go to your obstetrician-gynecologist. Obstetrics clinics in Provo are abundant and might want to start with that if you do not have the right physician yet.

Once you have a medical professional to guide you with your journey, you know you are in good hands and arming yourself with information can help you be more prepared for that exciting path ahead.

You will not show until after 12 weeks

As much as you want to show off your baby bump in Instagram and shop for maternity clothes, you can’t just yet. The baby will go from the size of poppy seeds during your 4th week, to the size of a grape on your 12th.

Yes, a grape. That is how tiny your baby is. When you get past through your first trimester, that is when the bump becomes visible. So, enjoy your small waistline while you can.

It’s important that you watch what you eat

Pregnant woman eating fruitsMorning sickness will make you crave all sorts of stuff. While it is ideal for indulging, there are kinds of food that are off the menu.

Alcoholic beverages are obviously off the list. So are raw foods as they can be a source of bacteria that might affect your stomach negatively. You should also be careful of fishes that have high mercury content like Mackerel and Tilefish.

Morning sickness is actually all-day sickness

You will feel dizzy, fatigued, irritable, and nauseous for most parts of the day. Yes, you can be in the toilet barfing yourself out in the middle of the night because your stomach will constantly be uncomfortable. The good news? Everything will pass after your first trimester.

You will gain weight — accept it

You will gain weight and will even double your size. It is better to come to terms with it as early as now. Plus, you are nurturing a human inside of you which makes it a wonder in itself. Also, it is possible to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

You have to listen to your body

There will be days when getting up after 12 hours of sleep will feel impossible. You will say no to your favorite pasta and even feel weird about smelling that freshly sautéed garlic and onion your husband is cooking.

It will be weird, but it pays to listen to your body. Your hormones are haywire during this period, and you owe it to yourself to be as comfortable as you can.

Pregnancy is different for every person. But, knowing what to expect, and that you are not alone, can make a huge difference.

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