Getting Back on the Road: Your First Road Trip Post-Covid-19


Did you miss your road trips during the lockdown? Well, I did. Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, regions worldwide were halted for almost around a year. But with the restrictions eased, it’s time to get back on the roads.

Although we are free to get outside our house now, travel is completely changed. Things will likely not be the same, at least for a few months now. Hence, it is necessary to plan according to the changes. Here’s how you can prepare for your first road trip post-Covid-19.

Essential precautions to take before you crank your car

Before we start worrying about the precautions, the first thing to take care of is getting your vehicle ready for the trip. It has been very long, and that engine would have gone to sleep. It’s time to wake it up. Take it to the garage and get over with the maintenance quickly. If you own a Subaru, get the Subaru required maintenance. Or if you own some other vehicle, head to the service center and get the job done.

Once your car is all set to be back on the roads, it’s time that you get ready, too, starting with the planning essentials and then moving on to packing and safety measures.

1. Select the route

You might be used to select the routes based on the location, nature, beauty, and some other factors based on your preference. But the time has changed. While these factors still matter, the Covid-19 factor has taken over.

When you select a route this time, ensure considering the pandemic impact on the regions you will go through. Consider the arising new cases on the route. If the numbers are high, it’s better not to take the risk. Besides the arising cases, you might also need to research domestic travel guidelines and follow them during the travel. Along with the domestic policies, it will also help if you find out region-specific rules and regulations.

2. Plan the stops

Planning was essential even before the outbreak of the pandemic. But it has become a necessity now. If you want to enjoy a seamless, hassle-free road trip during and post Covid-19, planning is the key. When you are done with the route, assess it and mark the potential pit stops.

Once you have shortlisted the pit stops, find out which of them are practicing safety measures. Search on the internet to find all the necessary information. It will help you select the right pit stops to take a break during your trip.

3. What to pack?

Packing was already a daunting task and has become more so due to the crisis. While you used to get confused about what clothes and accessories to carry, it’s no more the question about them. It would be best if you now carried more PPE than your clothes.

Be it face masks or gloves, it is better to carry an extra pair. The same goes for sanitizing bottles as well. During your travel, you will have to sanitize your entire car and all the essentials you are carrying. Hence, carrying extra bottles is advised, especially if you are on a long trip. It is also recommended that you carry as few things as possible. The more the items, the more the chances of coming in contact with the virus, and the more will be the need to sanitize. Hence, extra things are better off the carry bag.

4. Choose your buddies wisely

roadtrip buddies

If you are planning to travel with your buddies, choose them wisely. The best thing is to travel only with your quarantine friends, the ones with whom you have spent the lockdown. This will reduce the risks of transmission.

Suppose you take friends who have been with different groups. Now you don’t even know whom they would have come in contact with. They might look healthy, but who knows, they can be the carriers of the virus. This will turn your car into a racing virus. It will also help if you can get everyone tested before the travel.

5. Carry your own essentials

The more you share, the larger are the chances of transmission. It is essential to carry your own belongings. We are not talking only about the small belongings here. It is best even to carry the big ones if possible. For instance, you can carry your own pillows and linens as they can easily spread Covid-19.

You are free to take the road trips now. However, it is essential to abide by the rules imposed for your own safety. Following general rules, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, will ensure a safe journey. Just keep the above precautions and tips in mind, and you are good to hit the roads again.

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