Essential Care Tips for Your Polycarbonate Roof


Polycarbonate has become a popular roof material alternative to aluminium and steel. Made from thermoplastic, it’s easier to bend and cut on-site. Polycarbonate roof panels are often used for public transportation stops, orangeries, swimming pool pergolas and roof lights for commercial establishments. Also, polycarbonate sheets are more durable than glass and resistant to extreme weather conditions, from hot summer days to freezing winter nights.

Architects and general contractors are fond of using this material for a variety of projects, including residential homes. Polycarbonate roofing is known to be tough. However, it’s prone to discolouration due to the sun’s UV rays and mould build-up. These issues may even shorten the lifespan of the polycarbonate sheets.

Here are some quick maintenance tips for homeowners with polycarbonate roofing sheets:

Use a Damp Cloth or Sponge

A vital tip when cleaning your polycarbonate roof is to use a damp cloth. Why is this important? Treat your plastic roof as you would treat your automobile’s body: free from deep, scratch swirls. A dry cloth or sponge will leave scratches on its surface. These scratches can cause dirt to build up, which is harder to clean. Ensure that your sponge or cloth is always moist when cleaning the roof.

Avoid Ammonia-based Cleaners

Since polycarbonate roofing sheets are made from plastic and have UV protection films, using ammonia-based cleaners will not only damage the plastic but remove the film, as well. The best solution for cleaning a polycarbonate roof is a mixture of mild soap and water. It’s the safest solution to keep your plastic roof clean.

Plastic roofing sheet manufacturers from the UK also discourage the use of alcohol-based cleaning solutions. They have the same effect as ammonia-based cleaners. If you want to extend your polycarbonate roof’s service life, avoid using such products.

Use a Broom or Leaf Blower

Roof and Gutters Cleaning

Remove any kind of debris, be it small or large, before cleaning the plastic roof. If you have a leaf blower, you can use it to blow away any leaves or twigs from the roof. This will ensure that the polycarbonate roof won’t be scratched or damaged. A broom is also a good alternative, but you need to take extra care when sweeping debris away from the roof. Don’t forget to wear your PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) such as safety goggles, rubber work gloves and a dust mask.

Don’t forget to check the roof’s gutters while cleaning the roof. Remove any trapped debris by hand. Include gutter inspection and cleaning during its cleaning and maintenance.

Use Gentle Strokes When Cleaning a Polycarbonate Roof

As mentioned earlier, treat your roof as you would treat your beloved car. Use gentle strokes when cleaning it. Avoid a swirling motion and instead, follow the flutes’ direction with a gentle scrub. Wash the sponge or cloth thoroughly to remove small debris that may cause damage to the roof’s surface.

If the mixture of soap and water turns murky, discard it, rinse the pail, wash the sponge or cloth and mix a new solution. Dirty water can cause water spotting and blemish your roof permanently. Repeat the process until the entire roof is clean.

Proper maintenance is vital for your polycarbonate roof. It keeps natural light in and improves the mood of your home. Keep these tips in mind to enjoy its benefits for years to come.

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