The Art of Dating: Styling Your Bachelor Pad


For men, life is somewhat easier when you’re attractive.

Whether you’re active on the dating scene or not, working on your charisma and sex appeal is important. Some do it for their careers, while others do it to feel good about themselves. Whether it’s because of romance, practicality, self-care, or just boredom, becoming more appealing (not just to the opposite sex but to everyone) can make life easier. In reality, if you’re more appealing, it’s more likely that you’ll be judged favorably.

But making yourself more attractive is not always about your looks and personality. You can be attractive without having a six-pack. Your jaws don’t have to be chiseled to win the girl. Sometimes, just having the perfect place gets the job done.

Here are eight easy and simple ways you can make yourself appear more sexually appealing through your flat’s interior design.


The most important thing to consider is how your place reflects who you are. No matter what you do, your home will always show a girl who you are. The color you choose, the theme you pick, and the furniture you have will all be judged subtly the moment she walks in. Use that to your advantage.

Showcase your hobbies

Do not go all out with medals, trophies, and other achievements that won’t be necessary for your possible relationship with her. Unless you’re planning to be an NBA player anytime soon, then that high school basketball trophy can cozy up in your room.

Avoid looking boastful and showcase what you enjoy doing by having actual equipment that you use instead. Having a bicycle mounted on the wall not only looks cool, but it’s also convenient. That way, you’d look physically active and maybe even environmentally conscious. If you’re into gaming and technology, there’s no reason to hide it as well. Having your interests displayed like that gives your date conversation starters that you would definitely know how to talk about.

Showcase your sentimentality

A picture of where you grew up. Your father’s gift on your fifth birthday. The itchy sweater your mother knitted. Anything that makes you more of a human and less of a date. Show your sensitive side by placing keepsakes that you have an emotional investment in. By doing this, you can establish that there’s more to you than just one date. And maybe that’s what gets you to the second.


Just like you and all your layers, your furniture and appliances should also show complexity. A mix of old and new things might do the trick.

Go with rustic and vintage furniture for design

Mid-century modern furniture has this minimalist and masculine aesthetic that could work well with an industrial theme. For closets and shelves, lacquered wood adds a Victorian vibe to your home. Top all that with the perfect shade of rug, and you could be the long-lost duke of Neverland for all she knows.

Getting vintage furniture, especially storage units, gives off a certain sophistication and class that not many men have nowadays. And most importantly, they are sold at low prices in thrift shops.

Go with modern furniture for convenience.

The perfect mix of all and new is very fashionable. But make sure you give value to comfort, too. Stiff wooden chairs are a no-go. Rugs, carpets, and couches should always be bought new. Your goal is to get a lovebug, not bed bugs. Finding the perfect modern furniture isn’t gonna be hard, especially since looking for sofas online gives you a bigger market to choose from.

For drapes and curtains, go with a thin, almost translucent cloth to maximize natural lighting.


A man looking the bottom of his bed

Maintain cleanliness and order. It’s going to be nearly impossible to bag the girl if she thinks you’re a slob. Show her you’re someone she could potentially count on by having a very organized place.

Always consider decluttering

You don’t need to have too many things. Having multi-purpose furniture is not only convenient but also attractive. It shows you’ve done your research. It means you put effort into even the little things. It gives off the vibe that you know how to get things done. And those are things that you should actually do in reality.

Remember, simple, bare, sexy

Having too many things can be seen as overwhelming. Getting the most stylish and expensive things can be seen as overcompensating. You should avoid these two presumptions as much as you can. Just buy simple furniture, appliances, and décor and focus on making them blend well. That makes your decisions look more calculated. Do not be afraid of the bareness of your home. That only means more space for growth.


Go crazy on the size of your bed

Even if the space in your bedroom gets compromised, having a big bed is a must. Your bed should look like that of a castle. You can do without bed curtains and all that. But the size should fit both the king and the future queen comfortably. It would also be advisable to invest in a sturdy frame and base.

Lastly, make the bedroom the highlight of the theme

Whatever theme you choose, make sure it all boils down to the bedroom. Everything should match but be on a higher level as well. Make it appear as if the bedroom is the highest level in the game and that anyone who gets to go there is fortunate. Of course, that makes you the reward.

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