Dental implants: the dental treatment that could change your life!


Missing teeth can be the result of poor oral hygiene, but it can also be the result of an accident, age, illness, or smoking, amongst other things. When prevention isn’t the cure anymore, you can choose a solution for missing teeth that is convenient and reliable. With dentures, crowns and bridges offering options for replacing one or more missing teeth, there is a way that you can ensure that they stay in your mouth permanently. What’s more, you won’t need to remove them at nighttime, if you opt for dental implants West Bridgford. It is a popular choice with 95% of patients experiencing success with this treatment.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are metal screws that are attached to the jawbone. They become fixed securely into place when the body’s tissues heal around them. It is at this point that a dental implant dentist will then attach crowns, bridges, or dentures to them, depending on how many teeth need to be replaced. Once they are attached, there is no need to remove the replacement teeth for cleaning or when you go to bed.


The great thing about dental implants is the fact that you will have an aesthetically pleasing smile and nobody else should notice that you don’t have a full set of natural teeth. Whether you are eating or talking, they shouldn’t loosen and give the game away! You won’t need to avoid eating particular foods with dental implants, so nothing needs to be restricted – chomps away!

A further benefit of choosing dental implants is that they are simple to look after. All you are required to do is brush regularly and keep up with your flossing. If you do this and go to see your dentist for routine checkups, then your dental implants could last you a lifetime! What’s more, you won’t need to worry about your replacement teeth getting cavities.

Aside from the convenience, discretion and aesthetic benefits of choosing dental implants, you could also find that you have health benefits too. Some patients, when they have missing teeth experience issues with chewing or speaking, and they may also develop jaw pain. With dental implants, however, these issues should be remedied. Furthermore, if your face becomes drawn due to having missing teeth, then replacing them could also give your face a new lease of life as replacement teeth can add the structure to your face that you require to look more youthful again.

Discover dental implants

If you want to know more about dental implants, there will be several dental practices offering this treatment. Try searching for a well-established dental practice – one that has been open for over 50 years, for example, maybe more reliable than a practice that has only been around for a couple of years. Before you commit to a treatment plan, make sure that you have an initial consultation with a dentist as well. They can examine you and inform you of the different treatments that are available for you specifically. If you are offered dental implants, you could change your life with a healthy and happy smile!

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