Best Drinks to Enjoy with Snacks


Nothing beats a lazy afternoon spent in your backyard with a platter of goodies to munch on. While there is no denying that afternoon treats are delectable all on their own, what is a snack if not coupled with an equally refreshing drink? This is why, for the love of treats and snacks, we decided to do a little digging on what type of drink best compliments different kinds of meals. On that note, prepare your blender and centrifugal juicer because here is a list of the best quenchers and their equally delicious partner snack:

Hot Chocolate

Best paired with: cinnamon, peppermint, and spice cookies

Hot chocolate should have probably been included in the list for traditional drinks usually paired with cookies. However, this drink does not go well with any cookie, so we decided to list it down here instead.

Because of its sweet taste and thick consistency, it can sometimes spoil your appetite for cookies, especially for people who have no sweet tooth. Nevertheless, hot chocolate remains to be one of the best hot quenchers you can serve with cookies on any occasion. It’s just best to avoid pairing it up with sugary or sweet cookies.

Fruit Smoothies

Best paired with: any snack or treat

It has been a widely-known fact that fruit smoothies go well with any munchable treat available in the face of this planet. This is because fruits can balance and mellow out the taste of food, especially sweet snacks like cookies.

Hot Cider

Woman holding a mugBest paired with: cookies and cupcake

Another favourite beverage that is perfect with cookies is hot cider. This festive drink is best paired with jam-filled cookies because of how it neutralizes the overwhelming aftertaste they have. For a more satisfying binging experience, use pressed cider with a hint of spice to make your hot cider.

Fruit Juices

Best paired with: any snack or treat

Everyone loves fruit juices as much they love treats. Pretty much like fruit smoothies, it can create powerful combinations with any munchable snack. Furthermore, you can experiment with the taste since fruit juices are, generally, very flexible.

Hot Tea

Best paired with: sweet treats, such as cakes, muffins, and brownies

One of the best beverages to drink on a lazy afternoon is tea. Also, it can mellow out the sweet taste of treats such as cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, and the like. With that in mind, if you have a platter of sweet treats on your table, you can always opt for a tea party as well.

In the end, a snack will never be complete without a complimenting beverage to pair it up with. In some cases, drinks are even known to elevate the eating experience. To top it all off, you can have a hearty and healthy afternoon snacking experience as long as you stay away from artificial drinks and opt for the ones listed above instead. If you feel unsure, feel free to look for more reliable sources online.

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