Apartment Hunting Steps for Millennials


For those who have only lived in shoddy student rentals or shared apartments before, finding your own apartment for the first time is an exciting but also intimidating prospect. There is a lot to look through, and you can never be sure where to start. For the first time, the entire weight of your life for the next few years falls on your shoulders. Finding the perfect apartment is a great responsibility, but is also an undeniable joy. Here are some things that you have to keep in mind while looking for homes for rent in Daybreak, Utah.

Calculate your budget

The first important thing for you to do when you decide to get your own apartment is to figure out how much you can spend on rent. As a rule of thumb, you are supposed to spend no more than one-third of your income on rent. It might be tempting to splurge on a fancy home, but think of whether this is a wise decision for you. When making your budget, include the cost of utilities and everything combined.

Find a good source

To find a good apartment, you first have to find a good website to get rental listings from. There are plenty out there, so do a lot of research to decide which one has the best listings. You can ask your friends and family for their recommendations.

See if it meets all your requirements

It is easy to be wowed by a beautiful home and get your heart set on renting it. Avoid this by carrying around a checklist of your priorities. Does it allow pets? Does it have parking? This way, you will not be blindsided by a beautiful bathroom and end up with a house that does not fit your purpose.

Figure out your roommate situation


You may be getting an entire place by yourself or searching for a roommate to share your home with. Either way, decide on the terms of having a roommate and subletting.

Decide on what kind of furniture you need

This is often the most exciting part of setting up a new apartment. Make a plan for what kinds of furniture you need. Try to keep an overarching design goal in mind so as not to get distracted and clutter your space.

Do a thorough check

It is obviously important to do a thorough check of the apartment that you have decided to rent. Make sure that all the fixtures work, even the ones that are not very out there, such as hinges and plug points.

Negotiate the terms confidently

Do not get awkward and give in to the temptation of signing the lease and rental agreement without negotiating. Always aim for a better deal, and try to get a discount based on your credit history or driving record.

Put down your deposit

After going through this careful selection process, it is time to put down your deposit. Make sure that you have the full amount and that all the bank information is correct. You want things to go as smoothly as possible to secure the apartment,

Needless to say, the last step is to make the apartment your own. The reward for going through this painstaking process is a place that you can finally call home on a permanent basis.

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