A Four-Step Guide to Planning a Slumber Party for Adults


Don’t you miss hanging out with your friends during a sleepover? If you think that you are too old for one, then you might want to reconsider. With all the stress that you get from the office, staying in with your friends seems to be the perfect way to cap off the week. Doesn’t a pillow fight sound like a fun idea, too?

As the host, you need to prepare for everything. You must not only provide snacks but also think of fun activities that everyone will enjoy. What else do you need for a slumber party? To help you with the planning, here are some tips you should know.

1. Do Not Forget the Food

No slumber party would ever be complete without food. So, try to plan it ahead of time, so you will know what to prepare. One easy way to go about it is to order boxes of thin crust pizza in Singapore. You can also add some easy-to-prepare finger foods and snacks, like cheese bites and sandwiches.

2. Set Up the Karaoke

One of the best ways to get the crowd going is by setting up the karaoke. Play the group’s favourite songs to make everyone jump to their feet. You can also include in your playlist a few throwback hits that everyone can sing along. Go, grab a hairbrush and sing to your heart’s content. You will surely make lots of memories during your sleepover, and there will also surely be a few performances that will be fun to remember afterwards.

3. Think of Drinking Games

Men playing a drinking gameAnother way to spice up your slumber party is by incorporating some drinking games. But this does not mean everyone passing out; it must be moderated and controlled so that everyone will still have a good time. You can play the ever-popular beer pong, for one. Just add some twist to it if you feel like it.

4. Create a Theme

If you are planning to do a slumber party in advance, you can try sending out invitations to your guests. One benefit of preparing one is that you can think of several party ideas and use it to create a theme for the event. You can include the party theme on the invitation so that everyone can prepare for it. One example is to set a “Spa Treatment” party and then ask each of your friends to bring spa items with them.

Another idea is a “Movie Night” theme party where everyone can choose one horror movie to watch. Have some popcorn and drinks ready so that all of you can feel that you are inside the theatre.

No one is too old to have fun, especially during a slumber party. You can think of other themes to add to your sleepover to make it even more fun. What is important is that you can get to hang out with all your friends and make the night as memorable as ever. So go, do not hesitate to call your friends over for a weekend party at your house.

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