3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in Your Business


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Sometimes, judging a book by its cover applies to businesses. The physical look of a store can attract customers or turn them off. There are physical features that appeal to customers by giving them a more convenient experience and making them more comfortable.

Additions such as signages, “instagrammable” spots, and a free parking area can lead to a positive impact on the business. These have to be done effectively, though. For example, the right parking lot paving should be chosen to ensure its durability and maintenance. Signages should grab the attention of customers, and the interiors should stimulate the senses to set the mood of the store.

Here are ways to attract more customers to your business:


Advertising your services right at the forefront fo the business is very informative to customers. What are you selling? Do you have free wifi? Are you open for 24 hours? This straightforward approach to telling the customers of your services can invite walk-ins to the store. Lighted signages are also recommended because they stand out in the evening, making it easier to locate the store.

Not only will signages catch the attention of passing customers, but they also set the first impression for customers by introducing them to the business’ branding. Through graphic design, the logo and other promotional signages communicate whether the business is formal and tradition or playful and modern.

Parking Area

parking lot

How many times have you stopped by a store but canceled it because you can’t find a place to park? For cities, cars are one of the major modes of transportation. Free parking for the business saves customers time and lessens carbon emissions caused by traffic.

Searching for a parking space, or “cruising,” contributes to traffic congestion. Cruising vehicles tend to move slow as they look for a vacant space. According to Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, cruising comprises 10% of regular traffic.

Additionally, drivers take an average of 20 minutes trying to look for a parking spot. This means that a business with a free parking space saves customers around 120 hours every day. Consequently, the less time a car’s engine is running, the less carbon is being emitted to the environment.

All these lead to better customer experience and creates a great first impression.

Instagrammable interiors

Social media is one of the major ways to market a local business nowadays. People love to post cute things, especially with the rise of Instagram. Local businesses take advantage of this trend with the power of interior design. The more posts there are about the business, the more people it reaches.

Cafes and restaurants usually allot a spot specifically designed to look good in photos. Accent walls, shelves, and plants are common additions to this spot, creating a cute backdrop.

Food presentation also contributes to this. Food businesses have shifted from plates to chopping boards, for example, for a chic and modern feel to their food. More adventurous gimmicks are placing drinks in test tubes and beakers or miniature shopping carts.

Customer impressions are essential to a business’s success. Customers should be comfortable and satisfied with the entire experience of being in the store. It establishes a connection between the customer and the business. When people like the overall ambiance of the store, they will keep coming back and patronizing the services.

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